Car Insurance in The U.S.A

The car insurance which is very important from my point of view and very sensitive and will be a very detailed topic for the benefit of all and the most important and best companies are the insurance money cheaper and more expensive and the weather is not allowed
The car insurance is one of the important topics in America because this thing that covers the cases of accidents that get in the car but unfortunately some Iraqis dont care about cars they have nothing to do with them and this thing they are in tired situations

We survived now on the details of the exact subject
For driving in the United States, you must have three important things.
1 Driving License
2 Rajstrichen
3 Car Insurance
And it is our subject for today and every day we secure the car
Car insurance types and by company to insurance but the problem is kind of expensive if you dont have a context in the state that you give him and be expensive if you are in the 30 year old

And be expensive if the car is new and you are a high level student
Or to understand the idea of insurance I will explain it in details concentrate and what
For example you have a Camry 2000 model you want to be safe huh
The type of insurance is determined by the distance to the vehicle’s mashahah.
The car engine if it was 6 cylinder or 4 cylinder and the reason is that the car is very fast and in this case the car is more prone to accidents than the car with a small engine (Shuf ashata)
The car if it was Salvge or Klein Taytil
Basic types of insurance
Insurance on both sides::
I mean you believe in your car and the car of the person you are going to hit God keep us away from accidents
I mean if you did an accident God forbid the insurance company will pay the money to you and the person who hit his car
Note the car taxis are not covered by this insurance in most insurance companies and the car insurance is secure on one side
Insurance on one side:::
And it is the insurance that is believed in me in the car of the person who will hit his car

I mean if you did an accident the insurance company will get money to the person you are hitting but your car have nothing to do with you and everything will be lost
On the whole the insurance is relatively cheaper than the previous insurance
Name Your Price::
And the summary of this insurance is that you give up the amount of coverage that you like I mean I can get the money to 300 thousand dollars and the reason of this insurance and the visa what now I will eat you
That the types are not the previous insurance amount there is no cover of $50 thousand at best and if you support someone who his car is expensive and his ear or swim permanent handicap I will wake you and sure we will have compensation for him and suppose that the amount was 200 thousand dollars and in this case the insurance company will pay 50 thousands only and Which is the amount of coverage and the rest you pay from your pocket or jail and Atneys is empty
That’s why the white Americans that are seized are the finest and the cover amount of $500, 000 or 300, 000 because know the film.
Ako other services to be taken by the insurance companies and to the took or the tow car the insurance company Egybouk Banzin but its ruffled it may be three times every 6 months and other things but everything in its money
Now come on the important thing and who is the insurance company and this is for six in insurance companies
Get into that. All the insurance companies in America
You have one of the most important companies
You’re a turtle.

This is the K-state.
Prokarsev and this is your prophecy.
Mercury and this is your prophecy.
Kaiko and this is your prophecy.
And there are a lot of insurance companies but these are the most important companies and they are the ones that make the best company and the most expensive company but there is a discount on the hotels and airlines for the subscribers of this company
The brothers from mercury companies are very cheap and what you want to do is to collect customers and those who are afraid of this company I discuss and try to get a discount and the ismothe good driver is all I drive my country and I have been for a while and try to convince them I will get a lot of insurance and a vagina and a very suitable price to reach half The insurance price that the rest of the companies will ask you for example
You leave me every Timm (6 months) you take $700 on you because you are new in America
Mercury takes about 200 bucks and premiums. I mean every two months you pay 50 dollars

I recommend the Mercure formula but the only downside is that if you take a unit that is difficult for you to be weak then be careful no more
The reason I wrote this topic is that most of the Iraqis are subscribed to the money insurance companies Dear and I advice mercury and I would advise that if you want I would go to the insurance company and take an American and Weyak because sure he knows understanding and the most important
Infer from the foregoing
Insurance is very important and I am not shopping for a car without insurance because I will be exposed to your life
Insurance companies are the cheapest Mercury company because they want to collect customers and take discounts on Iraq driving license
Ruffled shopping for your car without insurance but the fine if you need a traffic policeman 330 at least thing this is in California and you are preparing to pay $200 and your head is cold while you are relieved