Chicken pox

Chicken pox
Pathogen : Chicken pox virus (varicella)
Mode of transmission : By contact or through scabs
Incubation period : 12-20 days
Fever, headache and loss of appetite
(ii) Dark red-coloured rash on the back and chest which spreads on the whole
body. Later, rashes change into vessicles.

(iii) After few days these vessicles start drying up and scabs (crusts) are formed.
These scabs start falling (infective stage)
Prevention and cure
There is no vaccine against chicken pox as yet. But precautions must be taken as
The patient should be kept in isolation.
(ii) Clothings, utencils, etc. used by the patient should be sterilised.
(iii) Fallen scabs should be collected and burnt.
One attack of chicken pox gives life long immunity to the person recovered from
this disease.

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