It often breaks out among crowded and areas with poor sanitary conditions.
Pathogen : Comma shaped bacterium (Vibrio cholerae)
Mode of transmission : Contaminated food and water. House – fly is the carrier.
Incubation period : 6 hours to 2-3 days.
Acute diarrohoea, rice watery stool.
Muscular cramps.
(iii) Loss of minerals through urine.
(iv) Dehydration leads to death.
Prevention and cure
Cholera vaccination should be given.
Electrolytes (Na, K, sugar, etc.) dissolved in water should be given to the
patient to check dehydration (In market it is available as ORS–oral rehydration
(iii) Proper washing and cooking of food.

(iv) Proper disposal of vomit and human excreta.
Flies should not be allowed to sit on eatables and utensils

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