Eastern Origins of Integrative Medicine and Modern Applications (Terminology )

As the field of integrative medicine evolves, so does its terminology. “Modern med-
icine” in this chapter is used to describe the most mainstream medicine practiced
and determined by the evolving scientific method, and “complementary and alter-
native medicine” (CAM) is used to describe practices that are not as well defined by
the scientific method. Theories of medicine can also be grouped based on geo-
graphic origin: Western, originating from Greco-Roman philosophy, and Eastern,
originating from Asian-Pacific philosophy. The term modern medicine implies flu-
idity, and it is fitting to use such terminology during the current period of expand-
ing medical boundaries.


Reader’s note: An essentially identical version of this chapter appeared in Integrative
Medicine: A Clinicians Journal (V2.2) and is reprinted with approval from InnoVision

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