The benefits of Thermos

The benefits of the Thermos have made him at the forefront of many legumes. It is rich in essential and important dietary values. Learn about its benefits closely below.
For many different health benefits, because it contains different minerals and vitamins, what does it distinguish from other legumes?

What is a Thermos
The grain of the Thermos (lupine), a legumes family, grows within centuries-old bean where the Mediterranean basin (the Greeks, the ancient Egyptians) is considered to be its original origin but it is growing so much in Latin America as well.

The seeds of the thermos in their natural form may be non-edible, some of which may be poisonous because they contain so-called alkaloids-shaped compounds and are often a bitter decoration.
In order to get rid of this dangerous compound, the thermos is usually soaked with water and salt to remove these vessels, since the process may require up to five days, with the saline solution changing at least twice. This is in order to get a taste of tasty and risk-free seeds.

More than 500 species of the thermos are found in different parts of the world and are used either in the form of food grains or flour that enters the industry of some foods, baked and sweets, or is extracted from oil or animal feed.

The benefits of the thermos for the body
The main benefits of the Thermos are as follows:
High nutritional value
The thermos is a high nutrient with dietary values of fibers, proteins and a small amount of useful oils. In addition to a set of essential minerals and essential vitamins for the body such as vitamin B, vitamin A, and vitamin C, necessary for several vital body processes and the task of strengthening immunity.

The thermos may be suitable for many categories, especially athletes and vegetarians for protein-rich, and wheat allergy patients as gluten-free.

strengthen and strengthen immunity
The thermos is a source of both manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zinc), which are particularly important minerals in strengthening immunity, promoting reproductive health and regulating gene activity.

As the thermos is a source of silnum which is a very powerful antioxidant as manganese to neutralize free radicals and combat and keep cells from damaging.

Promotion of bone and cartilage health
The metal of the thermos, such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese, makes it an important and significant role in promoting the health and growth of the bones and cartilage. \

Magnesium also works to maintain healthy bone density.

Enhancing digestive and intestinal health and metabolic processes
The thermos has always been known as diuretic and reinforced for bowel work thanks to its high content of minerals and dietary fiber, and helps to eat the thermos in preventing constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

The content of the thermos of vitamins group B, calamine and Fololite makes it an important role in the various metabolic processes and metabolism of both proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The benefits of the thermos in losing weight and loss
The thermos contributes to the loss of weight and control, thanks to its high fiber and low-priced content, which helps increase the feeling of full and full and vomit from the amount of food that is subsequently available.

As the thermos is a high source of thiamine Amin it contributes to metabolism of carbohydrates, boosting metabolism and fat burning, and maintaining the health of the nervous system.

The Thermos is a wonderful snack for the pregnant woman
The thermos is a perfect meal for a pregnant woman in order to obtain many minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber, and he contributes to his constipation and digestive problems.

Its content of folic acid and fololite is important for various metabolic and metabolic processes, especially protein metabolism, which makes it an important role in gene activity, the formation of different cells and enzymes.

Each pregnant woman knows how important it is to have folic acid in sufficient quantities, especially in the early months of pregnancy, to protect her fetus from the neural tube abnormalities.

Lowering blood sugar levels
The thermos contains arginine arginine, a type of amino acid that contributes to lowering blood glucose levels and cholesterol.

The thermos may be an ideal diet for diabetics.

The benefits of the thermos in promoting cardiovascular health
The thermos reduces the bad cholesterol in the body due to its high dietary fibre content and the arginine acid.

Its content of potassium, magnesium and other minerals makes it very useful in controlling blood pressure levels, helping to relax the arteries and preventing hardening, heart disease and strokes.

Source of Antioxidants
The thermos contains a rich set of powerful antioxidants that contribute to immune enhancement such as vitamin A, vitamin C and selenium help prevent infectious diseases and some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

Aesthetic benefits of bleaching and brightening the skin
The thermos is introduced in various skin treatments and in the preparation of various natural skin-whitening catches, the removal of stains and the treatment of freckles.

The Thermos also works as a peeled for the skin and an assistant in treating various wrinkles and signs of ageing.

Other features
Other features of the tile make it outperform other legumes:

It contains high proportions of essential amino acids and is considered to be one of the highest protein sources (40% protein). Almost 4 times higher protein than full grain and wheat.
A very high fibre source (37%).
Easy digestion and preparation and does not require chemical or heat treatment.
The absorption rate of nutrients from the body is high (upper bio-availability).
Does not contain any percentage of cholesterol.
Contains a small proportion of trypsin inhibitors that usually overlap with digestion and are present in other legumes.
Low in content of irritant material such as: Lysten lectins and the saponins.
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