Weight Loss

Many people are trying to lose weight and we may find it follows some wrong ways to quickly lose weights such as weight loss diets, weight loss pills and fasting for a while. Long and all of these roads are unhealthy and cause health problems, so we’ve selected the best ways and means by which you can lose your weight correctly. and relatively fast but before you try any way you should make sure you don’t have any health problems: Here’s your answer. How to get rid of the extra weight quickly

How to get rid of excess weight quickly

The steps

Weight Loss Diets:

The purpose of weight loss diets is to lose a great deal of weight in less time but before you start eating these meals you should consult your doctor your to know how much you can take without harm. We are clear here some types of weight loss diets and how to use them properly :

1. Water: This method relies on drinking 8 cups of cold water per day at regular intervals

– Drink a glass of water before every meal until it gives you a sense of fullness and reduces your appetite for eating. -Don’t add sugar or honey to water-don’t drink water just without eating the water does not replace meals – eating vitamins for it compensates for what your body loses from important vitamins and nutrients by increasing the amount of urine that the kidneys extract from the body as a result of a lot of drinking water.  Water proteins

2. Weight loss Juice: It works to rid the body of toxins and reduces the amount of water in the body. – Here you can drink fruit and vegetable juice only without eating meals. – You can take vitamins with him or replace them with one small healthy meal a day.

3lemon juice: a lemonbased diet is also only  eating between 6-12 cups of lemonjuice made every day. -You can also take tea twice a day. -This system is very useful because it works as a disinfectant besides losing weight in the long run.

4-Cabbage Soup: It helps you lose weight ten ounces a week. – A diet that is rich in fiber and has a low fat ratio. – You can also eat vegetables, fruits, meats and rice with at least 4 cups of water. – This system lasts for 7 days but must not be sustained for a long time because your body loses some of the important nutrients needed for health. – Soup recipes for weight loss

5. Salt-free diet: It helps to rid the body of excess water because it prevents the body from being burned. – In this diet the salt should not be added to the food as well as the sodium salt in the takeaway meals and in restaurants. – There must also be 8 cups of water (2 liters) and green tea in moderate proportions. – This system should not last more than two weeks. -This system is more appropriate and effective for patients with skin retention, and to know whether or not you have noticed your body after eating a meal salted if you find that you can’t take the ring off your hand or wear shoes as easily as you were before the meal, I know your body’s allergic to the element. and Dium.

6. Hc: injectable hormone or as a dietary supplement that helps to burn the body fat – makes the calorie burning rate of 500 to 800 kg, which is an appropriate weight loss quantity. – not adopted as a safe treatment for weight loss so its use may cause some harmful side effects. – Those who used this hormone found that their weight returned to what it was when they stopped using it.

Health centres and clubs

This is another way to lose weight, which is easy and fast where you can go to those centers such as sauna, clinics, etc. that offer customized programs to lose weight consistently as they work to tighten the fat and skin but you have to continue to exercise the proper diet and later because Health centres alone do not meet the purpose except temporarily, then your weight returns as it was.

1-Wrap the metal body: an excellent way to help you lose the weight of the waist and thighs, and the existing minerals help to rid the body of toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite as well.

2. Wrap the body with liase enzyme: It is also a quick way to rid the body of excess weight and is carried out in two steps:

First, the body is wrapped in libes to rid you of the fat on the body surface.

Second: Wrap the metal body to rid the body of toxins and tighten the skin.

3-Wrap the body in the European way: it is also an important way to get rid of the cellulite and work on weight loss but temporarily.

4. Thermal wrap: It is also a well-known and useful way to rid the body of toxins and increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin as this heat works to regulate and improve the circulatory system.

5. Going to the steam bath (sauna): The resulting vapour is freeing you from almost half a liter of sweat in a quarter of an hour. – You should drink a few cups of water after finishing the steam bath to avoid dehydration. – The steam bath should not exceed 15-20 minutes per day. The sauna should not be used with people suffering from heart disease and hypertension, nor should it be used for children.

6. Colon: Some health centres offer colonoscopy treatments, which serve to wash and clean the colon with water for sums of judges and its accumulated feces this method helps patients with swelling, gas and constipation and also helps to lose weight.

7. Liposuction: Surgery helps to quickly lose weight especially for those who suffer from the accumulation of fat in certain areas of their body. – Because of the surgical intervention here, the surgery must be done by a specialist physician.

Healthy Eating habits

You must change the bad dietary habits and replace them with healthy and useful habits, which will help you lose weight. You to reach the ideal weight and here we offer some healthy eating habits that you can do:

1. Healthy food: You have to know how to turn your diets into healthy meals and this is not without reference to the doctor and consult him on how to prepare a healthy meal suited to the needs of your body. It must be balanced and contain vegetables, fruits, skimmed milk and cereals.
2. Important nutrients must be integrated into your meal and the calorie intake should be reduced.
3. Select your daily calorie needs: The body’s requirement for calories varies by age, type, height and weight because knowing the appropriate calorie requirement helps to make your diet successful. – Know the number of calories and the amount of fat your body consumes every day and make sure that it is set according to global health standards.
4. Write a weekly record of your diet: without every meal, snack or drink you eat during the week. Don’t forget typing also the spices I used and the coffee. – so you’ll know how much calories your body consumed and then try to reduce or increase it to the right amount.
5. Select the most open appetite for food: identifying and avoiding the most foods you love will help you reduce the calorie intake that helps to make the diet a success.
6. List of the week: Get a book on the most important healthy cuisine and you’ll find the lowest-calorie types of food, so you can select a list of meals a week with a good calorie rate.
7. Meals are not neglected: breakfast is very useful for health, life and activity throughout the day, and can help you avoid eating snacks with calories the high thermal, you know that the regularity of eating helps regulate the blood sugar ratio and reduces unhealthy calories.
8. Replace your unhealthy sources with other healthy sources of fat, sugars and calories because this will help you to better dispose of excess weight.
9. Fast Health meals: You can eat fast food, like potato chips, and some candy, it’s less fat and calories, too, how much. You can get meals that contain no more than 100-200 calories, and healthy snacks must include vegetables Fruits, carrots, tomatoes and other nutrients are useful and important.
10. Eating fruit juices containing less calories, and you can replace these juices with water. You can’t imagine it where water does not contain calories and therefore it is very useful and important for health and weight loss.
11. Select Fat-free meat: poultry and fish contain very small proportions of fats, and some fish, such as tuna, salmon and sardines, are important sources of antioxidant and omega-3 acid is very useful for health, as you can replace meat in your diet with some vegetarian food For a day or two a week.
12. Replace high-calorie dishes with other lower-calorie dishes.
13. Drinking water instead of coffee, soft drinks and juices helps you reduce hundreds of calories a day.
14. There is not much in grocery stores and food stores with high calorie-rich food and materials so that they do not weaken and buy materials harmful to your health.
15. Prepare your own food instead of buying fast-food meals.
16. Mew’s healthy diet: an excellent diet developed by medical and research centres that helps to lose weight very quickly, and who used the system did not exhibit any adverse side effects.
You know you can lose weight either by lowering the calorie intake rate or by increasing the price burn the person in your body, and any weight loss plan must include both roads and the exercise of sport is better in terms of the result
1-Setting a time for sports: fixing a specific time for daily exercise will make you avoid eating fatty food. -Housework is a chance to burn calories: doing housework is tantamount to doing sports by, for example, a home garden or washing your car. – Always use the ladder to climb up and down instead of the elevator.
2-Select the aerobics that you can do at the beginning of your exercise: – Start with simple exercises so that you gain the skill and confidence over time. – As the practice continues you will find that in short intervals you lose weight from different places of your body such as waist, thighs and arms.
3-Select your weight loss Aerobics program:-As a fat burning program that helps you keep your health from a lot of diseases along with weight loss in a consistent manner and make sure you choose the health system with the lowest calorie intake and follow it with the practice of sports.
4. Diversity in the practice of different sports helps you to quickly lose weight.
5-focus on aerobics that requires all the body to perform, so you can burn a larger proportion of calories and also create muscles.
6. Make sure that some outdoor sports: hiking, cycling and swimming are helping to burn calories and help protect the heart from diseases.
7. Resistance exercises and loads: You can exercise resistance and weightlifting to start with a little weight and then increase weight over time. This has the greatest impact on fat burning, calories, muscle formation and improved process
– Healthy weight loss is by combining a healthy diet with the exercise of sports and the intake of large amounts of water.
– Be patient and optimistic and do not despair quickly to learn that any system or means of weight loss in a healthy way takes longer than harmful quick means.
– Eating slowly reduces your calorie intake, as the mind takes 20 minutes to receive the hunger and self-eating signal also prevents you from eating too much.
-Don’t try to be hungry constantly to lose weight, it will be a negative effect on the public health of the body.
– Go back to your private physician in order to establish a proper and safe diet.
– You must make a thorough medical examination before you can try any of the methods that we have mentioned to lose weight.
– Rapid weight loss is temporary and at times very dangerous to health it does not resort to harmful methods and is well focused in choosing your proper health methods.